Work with Tanya

Work with Tanya

WEL Co me   to   my   ill us tra te d   wo rld

I give my illustrations a unique sense of depth. Minimalism and simplicity are what makes my art fresh, exciting and
emotional. My key is just to add the right amount of colour and a few details.
I have been sketching and drawing for many years now. I focus on fashion and beauty, but I also have experience in book illustrations and in event illustration, and I love everything I do. My artistic career has seen the evolving and refining of my skills and inspiration. Although I live in Spain, I work for clients worldwide.


Fashion Beauty Illustration

Fashion and art belong together – and this is the world that I feel most comfortable in. Drawing and sketching requires a keen intuition for the zeitgeist. I am a fashion artist with a natural affinity for the world of fashion where colors, fabrics, and designs become my inspiration.

With a passion for fashion and beauty, fashion sketching is a great inspiration of mine. I also draw at fashion shows and beauty events where the focus will typically be on fashion and lifestyle.
In my portfolio, you will find a selection of fashion drawings, pictures, and samples for fabrics, accessories, gift articles, home textiles, wall decoration, and much more.

Event Illustration

There is nothing like the buzz of a live event and capturing the atmosphere of the day in real time sketches is a priceless reminder of that event.

For your event illustration, I will come to see you in advance to discuss your requirements. On the day I will make sketches of your guests, capturing their likeness in just a few minutes. Guests love to be given the sketches to take home! Having an illustrator creates a very special atmosphere that will turn your event into something very special and unique. Your guests will remember you or your company for a long time to come when they have been to an event-illustrated event.
I do not only draw people, I am also a talented sketcher of fashion. In this context, I present sketches of dresses, bags, shoes, and other fashion articles. You decide which product you want to highlight at your event and I will gladly create the first designs for you and show you how to present to best effect.

Which events are suitable for illustrations?

Event illustration is suitable for any and every event. Whether you are selling cars or publishing magazines, organizing a fashion show or an art exhibition, people will always enjoy professional drawings that are created with attention to detail. At weddings, at blogger parties, at PR events or company parties, at charity event or a Christmas party – guests always greet event illustration with delight.
Are you planning an event and thinking of inviting an illustrator? It could be the best move you ever make! Get in touch with me at to discuss my attendance at your event to provide an exciting and entertaining addition to your occasion, however big or small.

Book illustration


When complex drawings illustrate a story, a scene can be captured and the expectations of the readers set. Book illustrations complete a story and create a special atmosphere. Try to imagine a children’s book without illustrations. Impossible!  Detailed illustrations also add value to specialist books. 

I have a lot of experience in illustrating and I always offer artistic value. I am customer-oriented, and I respond to the individual specifications of my customers. If you need sketches for a book contact me at email to discuss your project.




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