Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

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February 11, 2020 в 3:30 pm

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I was always sure I was an artist – although my family was certainly not!
> When I was 6 years old I painted a dog with a very fluffy tail in my art class at school.
> I was very proud of my dog and brought it home to show my parents- my dad said: ‘’What a cute fox!” We all laughed.
> But I never gave up drawing dogs and foxes because they were my first best friends. They were beautiful, their eyes, their expressive faces, the way they moved, all this got me grabbing my paper and pencils many many times.
> It was my first appreciation of natural form. I explored endlessly with interpreting what I saw – I didn’t know it as “Art”, only expression of my connection with the subject that I loved.
> When my dad loved my “Fox” l overcome with happiness and sat happily on a little pink fluffy cloud all day! And I still occupy that little cloud when I get compliments for my work. I wish I could share that feeling with you – it so nourishes your soul and serves to motivate you to better things.

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