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Illustrations, Why, When, And Where Are They Most Effective?

Illustrations, Why, When, And Where Are They Most Effective?

Now that the COVID-19 crisis is beginning to slow down and lockdown measures are being eased or removed in many parts of the UK, the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, and clubs are opening and trying to attract customers.

Remaining Open In A Post COVID-19 World

     For many, this is going to be an incredibly challenging time as they have just sat on their hands for 4 months waiting to reopen, and hoping that once they do, they will be able to sustain enough business to remain open in a post COVID- 19 world.

     With that being said, there are some things that today’s small to medium and enterprise levels businesses, including bars, restaurants, and clubs, can do to ensure their success. This means getting creative with your online marketing and showing your customers that you care about their health and the cleanliness and hygiene of your business and your staff.

Give Your Bar Or Restaurant An Inspirational Touch

     While showing your customers that you are committed to health and safety is rather easy, getting creative with your marketing plan can be a bit more challenging. You have to take what has been working for you and give it an inspirational touch. How? By adding beautifully designed illustrations to your restaurant or bar signage, your menus, and your online marketing material as well.

Why Illustrations?

     Why illustrations? Illustrations give your signs, menus and ads character and it makes the customers feel more welcomed and appreciated when they see the extra effort that went into your post COVID-19 reopening.

     When choosing illustrations for your bar or restaurant, there are some factors to consider. To get the best return on your marketing budget, you want a professional illustrator that understands your needs and that has experience in the industry. A talented illustrator can create custom designed illustrations that are relevant to your business and the mood it presents to your customers. Professionally designed illustrations can set your bar or restaurant apart from your competition and help you see more sales and more profits during an especially trying time for UK businesses.

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