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About Me

About Me

Although she originally took her degree in Literature and another degree to teach primary school children, Tanya has always been creative at heart.  Her determination and passion for art in all forms have seen her hone her skills and perfect her expertise in illustrating everything from haute couture fashion to her event illustrating, that is always in demand.  Her eye for fashion and appreciation of all things beautiful has meant that she is much in demand for fashion and beauty illustration.

Working in all media from digital illustration to portrayals in the finest watercolour, Tanya can bring her unique talents to any occasion whether that is a wedding or a corporate campaign.  Her love for what she does is evident in every brush stroke and in everything that she does.


I can offer illustrations for fashion or in the field of beauty. I can also create book illustrations, and also often cover event illustrations. If you are looking for a fashion artist for fashion sketches contact me and together we will bring your ideas to life!

Creating your campaign

We will work together on your campaign using creativity and storytelling with illustration to attract clients to your brand. The effect is superb and whether you are working in fashion or in beauty or other areas of design.  As a fashion artist I am always looking for the best way to make my client’s products really stand out and appeal.  I believe that watercolour is one of the ways to offer unique art. When the illustration needs to capture the ethereal and really showcase the subject watercolour is my medium of choice. We will work out strategy and then apply it to make your campaign really stand out and resonate with your clients.  Having a custom illustrator will elevate your campaign above your competitors. As a professional illustrator I am always looking for the unique art that is in every product that I Illustrate.  Whether it is in book form, at an event or in fashion or beauty each time I put pen to paper or paint to canvas it is the unique quality of my subject that inspires me. With my artist’s eye I know that even if things look the same, they will have a myriad of differences and it is my eye for detail that will make every subject I am illustrating, stand out.  Capturing emotion and light and shade is something that I love to do. For every client I will make it my priority to ensure that they are delighted with my illustration whatever that is. Taking form and function and translating them to desirable and imaginable objects is what I do best and it’s what my clients love best about me!  Leave you campaign in my hands and get results!


I offer live illustrations for events – a great way to capture the atmosphere of that special day, preserved forever as a reminder of the laughter and the uniqueness of the day, forever. Add this special creative touch to any event you hold and turn any event into an occasion. Imagine the timeless elegance of sketches portrayed in watercolour bringing the scene to life in a truly unique and stunning way. Watercolour illustration is the epitome of romance and I will be happy to bring any idea to life in this way be that a wedding or other event.  Just imagine the impact of sophisticated watercolour sketches on people gathered at your event.  I know from experience that seeing themselves depicted in this way gives a lot of pleasure to people attending an event that is being illustrated and triggers a real desire to own the illustration!  As a professional illustrator it is my job to capture the essence of illustration and design and to capture the feeling and excitement of the event in watercolour. For something that will elevate your event above all others, having custom illustration of this sort will be the finishing touch to your day.

Illustration magic

Illustration can lift anything from being one dimensional to something full of life that comes alive on the page or screen and captures the eye.  Ask me about illustration, in any media and for any purpose.  Give your project a touch of magic!  Whether you are interested in a watercolour illustration, digital illustrations, then as a custom illustrator, you can trust me to deliver whatever the occasion or the event. When you need a fresh look at the subject then as a professional illustrator, I can offer you the creativity and innovation that will really make a difference to your event, your business team building event or your website.  Elevate your fashion of beauty offering to another level with custom illustrations.

Party Creatively

Want to make your celebration special? Invite your friends and let them get in touch with their creative sides!  I will supply all the materials needed and guide your guests as they create their own unique creations This is a very popular experience that will have your friends talking about the great time they had at your party or event for a long time to come!  Whatever the medium, this is a great fun way to get people together for a unique art experience. Whether you want to work in watercolour or any other medium you will be surprised at how creative everyone can be with the right tools.  This can also be a great team building exercise for business.  Let me take you all to a creativity that you never knew you had.  Then sit back and admire your masterpiece!  As a professional illustrator I can ensure that everyone gets the most out of the event or your creative team building exercise.

Website wizardry

Do you need really special illustrations, using animation, that really tells the story of your brand and makes it stand out online? Yes?  A sharp 21st century edge digital illustration is what you need. I will work with you to ensure that the illustrations I produce fully represent your offering in a way that will put you ahead of your competitors and give you the edge in a crowded marketplace. There are times when the crisp and tech digital approach is exactly what is needed to get your message across.  I am happy in all genres of illustration and my digital work is a great way to offer cutting edge illustration with today’s cutting edge design.  For many customers who are producing books in today’s crowded market they look to digital illustration to make the impact that they need.  When you are looking for something that will really give your event, book or product that modern, uncompromising impact, I will be able to deliver it to you in my digital illustrations.

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You can contact me to get high-quality illustrations and creative displays. You can contact me to get high-quality illustrations and creative displays.

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