I give my illustrations a unique sense of depth. Minimalism and simplicity are what makes my art fresh, exciting and emotional. My key is just to add the right amount of colour and a few details.

I have been sketching and drawing for many years now. I focus on fashion and beauty, but I also have experience in book illustrations and in event illustration, and I love everything I do. My artistic career has seen the evolving and refining of my skills and inspiration. Although I live in Spain, I work for clients worldwide.

Fashion and art belong together – and this is the world that I feel most comfortable in. Drawing and sketching requires a keen intuition for the zeitgeist. I am a fashion artist with a natural affinity for the world of fashion where colors, fabrics, and designs become my inspiration.

With a passion for fashion and beauty, fashion sketching is a great inspiration of mine. I also draw at fashion shows and beauty events where the focus will typically be on fashion and lifestyle.

In my portfolio, you will find a selection of fashion drawings, pictures, and samples for fabrics, accessories, gift articles, home textiles, wall decoration, and much more.