Fashion, beauty illustrator. Stylish and unique art for your brand.

Illustrations provide the perfect framing for fashion. Sketches add an artistic component to the display of dresses, shoes, hats, trousers, jewelry, and accessories. They also add elegance, and capture dominant contour lines. They can emphasize decadent designs giving them a delicious drama. Whether bold and colorful or quiet and understated – fashion sketches can be the perfect expression of emotions and give a personal touch that a photo cannot convey. As a fashion artist, my aim is to support you in creating the best visual representation of your own creative ideas.

Book illustrations take this idea a little further. Depending on the topic and the target audience, colorful, cheerful sketches or sensual, blurred contour drawings with a meaningful atmosphere might be selected. Detailed sketches draw the eye of the viewer to focal points. It could be classic, elegant, modern or extravagant, just tell me what your style is and I will give it wings.

I can offer illustrations for fashion or in the field of beauty. I can also create book illustrations, and also often cover event illustrations.
If you are looking for a fashion artist for fashion sketches contact me and together we will bring your ideas to life!